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Animal Photography
By John Daniels

"The best animal photography comes when the photographer can work with the animals rather than against them, so they may perhaps enjoy the experience as much as I do!"

John Daniels, - Animal Photographer

Photographs of dogs in action or posed in studio. Working dogs, pet dogs, hounds, terriers, toys etc. Dog portraits and dog images

Photographs of cats in action or posed in studio.

All cat breeds. Cat portraits and cat images. Cat photography gallery

Photographs of animals in action or posed in studio. Working animals, pet dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, chickens, monkeys etc.


Much of John Daniels' domestic animal photography has featured in books, greetings cards, adverts, and other published media.


Specialising in photographing animals in action as well as in their natural and domestic environment, John travels extensively to work in the field or makes use of his well equipped photographic studio and facilities in the south east of England.


Dog photography, cat photography and other animal photography is a specialty and John’s images appear in published form all over the world. His work is available from the noted photo library Ardea and by commission.


You may view the various galleries on this web site and contact John directly

Animal Photography by John Daniels - Collie